Visual storytelling is my brand. 


From capturing an authentic attitude through a color palette to balancing intimate whispers with delicate details and punctuation, I combine a wide range of artistic techniques, analytic problem-solving, cultural intuition, and marketing experience to personify the nuanced wonder of brands who have a story to tell, a truth to spread, and a culture to inspire. As a traditionally trained oil painter and visual artist, I bring an energetic curiosity to my methodology of navigating the systematic world of design by finding new solutions to withstanding roadblocks and approaching fresh opportunities with vigor and innovation. 


With over twenty years of artistic training and creative experience, ten years of professional design, and five years of creative leadership, I have learned the bounds of color theory, visual composition, creative process, presentation design, brand development and elevation, social media campaigns, in addition to advancing technical skills in painting, writing, illustration, photography, sculpture, web development, and video using the Adobe Creative suite, fabrication, printing technologies; including printing on various fabrics, and new media such as laser cutting and 3D printing.  

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